Tuesday, May 20, 2008

3 months old already!

Happy 3 months to Jenna!! I can't believe she is already 3 months old. She is doing really well. She is smiling and "talking" tonnes!! We've gotten her to giggle a couple of times. We try so hard, but she just looks at us like we are the crazy ones. She is growing really fast! I have had a couple of challenging weeks with my little Cade. We started potty training and it is definately harder than I thought it would be. He is doing fairly well, but he still has the odd accident. He will be turning 2 next week so I am really proud of him!
He has also decided that he needs to get into the fridge ALL of the time. It drives me nuts. The other morning I was in the shower and I came downstairs and he had pulled out 4 blocks of butter, a frying pan and several stirring utensils. He was pulled up to the stove (without it on, thankfully) and was stirring away. Not too sure what he was planning to make, but I caught him in the act! What a little stinker sometimes!!
We are loving the warm weather. Jesse started a bit of planning for our yard and we are going to start this next weekend. I can't wait for grass and a fence so Cade can be outside and run around.
I have been busy with Shade and getting my butt whipped into shape at a class at the tri-leisure. It is fun, but challenging. I think I am the slowest runner of all time, but at the end of the night, I actually feel pretty good. Nothing else really going on. Not too many pictures this time, cause I'm a slacker and haven't taken enough!


Jaime said...

Happy Birthday Jenna!! I am dreading potty training--at least I still have a little ways to go until then.

LindsayB said...

jenna is so adorable. good for you potty training! and he's not even 2 yet. alli's been potty trained for a couple months now, and we still have the occasional accident. it sucks. i was so afraid she was going to regress when we moved, but so far we're good. looks like you've got your hands full with the cute little cade.