Monday, May 5, 2008

We're going to the zoo...

Just as I suspected, I haven't been so great at updating. I mostly forget to take pictures when we do something fun, so I have nothing to post. Seems like we have been busy the last few weeks. I'm not sure with what, but I feel busy! We went to the zoo last Saturday with the Beazer's. It was lots of fun! Here's a few pictures from the outing...

Cade and Jesse checking out the monkey's. Cade loved them. He didn't really get it at first. I don't think he thought they were real. When he did, he let out a huge laugh!
Cade looked in every window and through every fence even if there weren't any animals. Lots of the animals were still inside.
Brody just hung out and looked cute! Not sure if he really even knew we were at the zoo, but he kept losing his shoes and that was the most eventful thing for him!!
Jenna hanging out in the stroller. She slept most of the time.
Cade loved to be free to run around. This shot is his classic smiling/eye closed pose.


Jaime said...

Yay, a new post! I love the picture of Cade looking through the fence. That was a fun outing, we will have to do it again when there are more animals.