Monday, June 2, 2008

Happy Birthday Cade!

Happy 2nd Birthday to Cade! His birthday was last Friday and he is finally 2 years old! It seems like he has been 2 for awhile, mostly cause he is such a big kid! We had a pretty boring day on his birthday with so much going on around our place. My mom took us to McDonald's so Cade could play in the play place. We also went on a big exciting trip to Wal-Mart and Cade got a little fishing rod and big ball for his birthday. I am a boring mom and didn't even wrap them for him. He still loved them and didn't seem to care.

My mom had a party for Cade, Casey and Jesse's birthday on Sunday. Cade and Casey share a birthday and Jesse's isn't until this coming Friday. It was a good time with the all the family and Cade got usual!

Justin got Cade some little lacrosse sticks that he LOVES! He has been sleeping with them for the past couple of nights. This is Justin teaching Cade how they work. He doesn't quite get it, but still loves the idea.
Cade enjoying the party...he wouldn't put the hat on though!

The birthday boys!

Julie and Jenna...she is such a good aunty!

This past week was also really busy around the house. Jesse has been busy working on the yard. He got a tonne done thanks to the help from many! He built a fire pit, garden, and a couple of planters. He also got all of the fence posts in and the dirt spread. Next step is the sod...which I cannot wait for! He has worked so hard so we can have a yard and I love him to death!!

My grandparents came over and helped me plant my garden because I really have no idea what I'm doing! They are such wonderful grandparents and would do anything for any of us. I got lots of gardening advice and hope that everything grows now and I don't kill it. It is kind of fun, but I feel like it is a big job to take on. Now I just need to plant flowers...the fun stuff!

I have been busy with Shade and trying to grow my business. I think I had 10 shows in May...which was great, but kind of insane with everything going on. We are lucky to have family so close to help us out. May has been a little ridiculous, so we hope June slows down just a tad so we can get out and enjoy the nice weather and our little kids!


Jaime said...

Yay, an update finally!! I think that is so funny that Cade sleeps with his lacrosse sticks.