Monday, June 23, 2008

An update...finally!

I have been so busy/lazy that I haven't been able to sit down and update for awhile. Thanks to Jaime bringing her camera everywhere, I actually have some pictures to post. Some might be repeats on her blog, but she is kind enough to share her pictures and take pictures of my kids for me when we go on our outings!
We have had a busy couple of weeks. We are totally loving the beautiful weather and we have been outside quite a bit. Here are some pictures of our last few weeks:
We went to the zoo with Pam and her kids, Jaime and Brody, Kristi and Elliott and Karli and her kids. This is Cade checking out the sea lions!

Cade and Maddison hanging out. With the help of Pam, I took my two little dayhome girls with us to the zoo. They all had so much fun!

Jenna in the bumbo chair that Jaime lent us. She looks a little dazed, but she does like it. She seems too little to be able to sit in that chair, but she is getting really strong now. She is already 4 months old!

This is kind of a creepy picture, but it is Cade at the tri-leisure center. We have made a few visits lately with some of our friends! He love sit there. I was tryingt o get hin to look through the telescope, but I think he was yelling in it.

On Saturday we went to the outdoor pool in Stony Plain. It was a hot day so we went and cooled off. Cade drove around his little car almost the whole time, then he passed it off to Brody!

Jenna hanging out in the stroller in her little swim suit and hat. She slept almost the whole time we were at the pool...what a good baby!

Brody and Cade...I love how neither one of them are looking at the camera. Brody usually does, but you can never count on Cade for a good shot!

Cade and Uncle Casey feeding the horses at my dad's on Father's Day. He love/hates the horses. He gets a little scared, but thinks he's brave I think!

That's all for now. I have a tonne to do before the kids wake up from nap. Jesse is putting sod down in our back yard this week, so my next post will be of my beautiful back yard...yay!!


Jaime said...

Hey, some of those pictures look awfully familiar!! I am glad you finally decided to do an update. I can't wait until you don't babysit anymore--lots more fun to be had this summer!