Saturday, July 5, 2008

Summer Time!

Okay so my goal this time was to post my next post before Jaime. I know that is nerdy, but she is so on top of things and I am so not. She seriously takes pictures for me all the time. If it wasn't for her, this blog would not exist. We have had a fun couple of weeks. I am done babysitting now...yay! It is nice to have my freedom back. We have had several outings....
Brody and Cade at the legislature. Jaime, my mom and I took the kids to the leg and met Kristi and Elliott. Cade looks like a big chubby kid eating a cookie!

Jenna doing what she does best....laying looking cute!

We went to my dad's rodeo Saturday in the middle of no where! We had fun even though we didn't get to stay the whole time. Cade loved to be with `papa` and look at the horses and other animals.

Cade and Grandpa

Happy 50th Birthday Mom! Can you believe she is 50! We got a group of friends and family and we went to Jublilations Dinner theatre and had a wonderful evening. Cade advertising for Realty West!
We went to the festivities in Spruce Grove on July 1st. Cade is in the fire truck. He didnt want to get out. Probably because there was lots of buttons that he wasn`t supposed to touch!"

We also went swimming with the Flexhaug;s in the Gibb`s pool on July 1sr. It wa great to cool off . This was Jenna`s first time in the pool. I`m not sure if she really knew where she was, but she seemd to like it.

Other exciting things this past week;

Jenna got her first teeth already!

Cade learned how to say a tonne of new words.

Decided we are going on a little trip to Kallispell when we go down south in a few weeks.

Finished babysitting!


Jaime said...

Love the picture of Cade in the cowboy hat (even though I have seen it, since I took it)! What a fun summer so far....we need to do more stuff before we move!

Anonymous said...

When are you going to Kalispell. I'm going down there for a couple of weeks. You should come out to the lake with us and swim. Looks like you're having a fun summer. We should get together!

LindsayB said...

what? a tooth?! that's crazy. jaime is going to be busy packing to live by me so you can beat her with the posts for a while.

Caylee Secretan said...

I love the one of Jenna on the blanket! So cute.