Saturday, August 9, 2008

A bit of a holiday!

OK, so this is probably my 10th time sitting down trying to get this post done. I hope this time I will finally get it!

Well we had the chance to get away for a little bit of a holiday. We went down to Magrath, Mountain View and then to Kallispell for a few days to do some shopping. We visited both of Jesse's grandparents and was great to see them and spend time with them. I didn't take a tonne of pictures, but here are a few....

Jesse taking Cade to the petting zoo at Magrath Days!

Jesse's cousin Landon loved Jenna and always wanted to hold her with a little assistance from Uncle Rob. At the Magrath day's parade with the rest of the mormon population in Alberta! Cade & Landon waiting for all of the candy! Best buddies!

Jesse taking Cade for a quad ride at Grandma & Grandpa Flexhaug's. He was obsessed with going to see the horses.

Jenna finally started eating rice cereal. She looks so teeny! This is her first time in the high chair. She doesn't really like it, but will get used to be trapped in!

We celebrated my Dad's 50th birthday at Pembina river about a month ago. It was fun. We had a bonfire and hung out.

Enjoying his birthday cake! Happy Birthday Dad!


Jaime said...

Oh, that picture of Cade and his cousin with their arms around each other is so cute!

LindsayB said...

hey, we were at magrath days! would have been fun to see you. jenna looks so small, and so cute of course, in her high chair.