Monday, September 15, 2008

Lovin' the sunshine...

Not too much going on with us. We have been home quite a bit, which has been great! I enrolled in a gel nails course, so I am looking forward to that next month. I will set up in the basement. I think it will be fun. I have also started to get busier with Shade, which is nice while Jesse is in school. He is liking school and the change of pace from work.
The kids are doing well. Cade has taken a liking to Shrek and wants to watch it ALL the time. It is nice the first couple times so I can get things done, but now I feel like he is a couch potato and he is only 2. We have been trying to get him busy with other things so he doesn't want to watch tv so much. I think it is the start of a life long struggle of no tv or video games. He is already obsessed with the Wii controllers. He always wants to play MarioKart with Jesse. He thinks he's playing anyway!
Jenna is 7 months today! She is sitting up, so I had to get a picture. She is a bit tippy still, but we pile the pillows around her. I took a few pictures after church last Sunday of her and Cade of course wanted in on that too. I know I am her mother, but I think she is getting pretty darn cute!
Cade can never smile with his eyes open...I don't get it?! He loves to be the big brother!
Enjoying the nice weather at the park!

Look how small Jenna is!

Well we better get out and enjoy the nice days while we have them!


Jaime said...

Jenna does look super teeny in that swing. What a change from the 2 boys!

Caylee Secretan said...

She is pretty darn cute, I agree!