Thursday, October 2, 2008

Well, I am copying Jaime's post and listing some of my favs. I know she won't expect me to do this, but here we go...

10 Simple Things!

1. Only having to get out of my bed once in a night. I know everyone loves this one, but I really love it right now because it rarely happens.

2. Shopping and actually having money to spend without feeling quilty!

3. When Jesse cooks supper! He's a better cook than I am.

4. A night out with my husband, even if it's just an hour.

5. Fast internet.

6. Pushing my kids on the swing at the park. They both love it so much.

7. When Cade can wear a pair of pants for more than one day before they have to be washed. Not a fan of laundry!

8. Ice cream

9. A fast clerk at the grocery store.

10. Hitting all green lights on the way to church when you are running a late, which is us every Sunday!

So normally I would put up pictures, but I don't have time cause it took me too long to think of these 10 things! Have a great day!


Jaime said...

See, that was fun wasn't it:)