Thursday, December 11, 2008

So Jenna is almost 10 months old and she has no interest in crawling. She is finally starting to roll around and today she actually stays on her stomach for more than 2 minutes!

But, this is what happens....major freakout!
Cade has been loving the snow. We got him a little shovel and some new winter boots and he can stay outside forever. I don't understand how little kids don't get cold?!

Kristi made Jenna the cutest little dress ever, even if it was a little tight! She is posing as a little model for Imbue Designs!


kristi dupont said...

Great post Jackie!
Jenna is such a cutie, even when she's mad!
ANd I love the picture of Cade with his mini shovel, what a hard working little boy!

Jaime said...

Maybe Jenna is freaking out because she is realizing that she is naked, not because she is on her tummy! Love the picture of Cade too!

The Johnston's said...

how adorable! Love the dress. My oldest son loves to the snow too...weird isn't it!

Anonymous said...

She is so cute in that little dress! and when she's mad... but aren't we all?