Tuesday, December 29, 2009 we come!

Another Christmas and New Year's has come and gone and I feel a little sad for it to be coming to an end. It has been a wonderful holiday. Jesse had a 2 week break from school and it was so nice to be able to spend lots of time as a family. We also had lots of family come up to visit this year. I do feel very blessed to have such wonderful family in my life. Looking forward to 2010 and having our little family grow in 8 weeks!
Kind of a picture overload, but some of my favs!

Gingerbread house building!
Not so successful, but the kids sure loved helping!Really in no particular order....
Playing with cousins!
Grandpa and CadeGrandma always has the kids around her!Christmas pj's!Reading Polar Express with Grandpa.Jenna's breakfast on Christmas morning! Chocolate dipped oreo that she helped herself to! Hope everyone had a great holiday! Best of luck in th New Year!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Well...I tried...

I figured it was probably time to do a post. Can`t really say I have a lot to write about these days. We have been staying home a lot with the snow and cold. I am being wimpy and trying to avoid getting sick! We did go to Santa yesterday. Cade was super excited to go see him until the time came to actually sit on his lap and then he decided he didn`t want to. I pretty much made him and the whole time he looked so horrified! He did tell Santa a few things that he was hoping for. Santa asked him to put out milk and cookies and carrots for the reindeer. It was cute how pumped he was to do that...especially to leave carrots. Jenna was scared and clung to Grandma. She sat beside Santa for the picture. There was no crying this I count the visit as a success!

I tried to take a few cute pictures of them before we went to Santa, but not so successful...maybe next year.
Cade choking Jenna to stay in place.
Jenna getting back at him!Totally posed...but I think he is very handsome!
We are totally looking forward to the holidays and excited to spend lots of time with family!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pumpkin Carving

We finally got around to carving pumpkins today. I think they thought it was a good idea and would be fun, but when it came down to it, they only stuck around for the first 2 minutes and then they were gone. Cade thought it was disgusting and Jenna ate 2 raw pumpkin seeds and then that was enough for her! Cade scooping the disgusting goop! Jenna was super excited her pumpkin was done and was outside. It was really funny!

A ghost and Batman! Very original I know, but they were fairly easy and my attention span is probably just about as long as the kids!
Happy Halloween....many more pictures to come after the weekend!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

We've got the whole wide world....

My mom bought Cade tickets for his birthday to see Backyardigans way back in May. Today was finally the day. My mom, Cade and I went to the Jubliee for the concert. Cade loved it! Grandma spoiled him with snacks and a tshirt! What a lucky boy! I have to admit, I was pretty pumped to see how excited he would get! It was fun and next time Jenna will be old enough and she can come along too!

Cade sure loves his Grandma!

Cade's fav characters!

Cade's two little friends were there too! He loves hangin' out with Elliott and Cooper. Tried to get them all to look at the same time, but they were too distracted!

It was fun to go with just him....he's a good kid!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Sure do love 'em!

Well, I have been feeling like I really don't know what to blog about because I have been a super slacker the past month and have no new pictures. Looking around at other blogs though, I realized, you don't have to be doing something ALL the time or have huge events to blog about. Sadly we haven't been out and about much this past month. Jenna finally got her cast off and I was SO looking forward to playing at the park and doing the summer things that we missed out on in July. But, as many of you know, I am pregnant with #3! Yay! But unfortunately along with this pregnancy has come a lot of sickness that I haven't experienced before. So that meant a lot of laying around and really just surviving. Okay, so whatever, I'm not trying to make people feel sorry for me because it happens to many, it is really just my excuse for not taking my kids out and doing lots of fun things!

In these moments of just hangin' out at home and in between the running to the bathroom and locking the kids out and having them bang on the door, I have miraculously felt a lot of love for my two little darlings.

Cade is my little helper. He is so sensitive and tender at times and then in two seconds he can change into any superhero....really I mean any! He is totally addicted to Batman, Spiderman, name it. It is so exciting to watch him use his imagination and play!

Here he is licking the beaters from the cupcakes he helped me make and watching them cook.

Jenna is truly a little princess. She is spoiled and it is starting to show! She has the most ear piercing scream when things aren't going her way. She does however have the cutest little sense of humor already. She loves to run around and be crazy and she LOVES to laugh. We are kind of scared what the future has in store for us with raising a little girl with such attitude already, but we are doing our best to keep her under control!! She knows how to give her momma hugs and kisses when needed and I so appreciate them!
Love these two crazy kids and I excited to have #3 join the family! Only 24 more weeks to go! We are going to try and find out what it stay tuned!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

New addition...

No, this is not our baby! We are happy to welcome baby Eli, Cody and Carley's little boy, into the Flexhaug family. Another cousin for our kids!! Yay! Cade is excited to have another boy and Jenna seriously adores him. I think that is an understatement. She is obsessed with him. It is cute, but probably would be annoying if we saw them more! Eli was born July 23...about 2 weeks early! Lucky Carley! We love him and Cody and Carley will be the best parents! We are sad they have recently moved to Calgary, but happy that Cody is moving on with his career! We went down for the annual Magrath Days. Jesse's grandparents live in Magrath and we usually try and go every year. We stayed with Jaime and Casey (love them!) and we got to spend a little time with everyone.

Jesse's uncles live in the states so we don't see the families very much. These are a couple cousins around our kids ages. They had fun hanging out waiting for the parade. Cade's loot!The good ol' petting zoo. I have to admit that I hate petting zoos. I grew up on a farm, but I think they are kind of nasty, especially because my kids are little and put their hands in their mouths all the time. I do try and wash their hands though...honest! But the kids love the animals and had a great time. The races. Cade warming up!! He didn't really race. He kind of did a light jog. I think he knew he would get the treat no matter how hard he ran.

We even put Jenna in the race with her little splint on her arm. It was cute. She thought it was fun and ran right to me.

I'm pretty sure she was in last place, but that was okay. The slower she went, the more pics I could take.

I couldn't resist adding this picture. Poor little thing has had to wear a plastic bag on her arm almost everyday! We are almost done though. Only a week more with the splint!!

We also made a trip to Calgary Zoo. We met up with Jaime and Brody, Jill and Boston and Jolene and her 3 kids. You probably have seen this pic on Jaime's blog, but I had to post it. Cade was just really wanting to hold Brody's hand. They must have missed each other!

The classic kangaroo pouch picture! They both loved it, as you can tell!

We spent the day in Calgary with our friends the Aneca's. They have such a fun house for little kids. Our boys are 1 week apart and our girls are 3 months apart. Now we just need to have another boy to catch up to them!!

Jenna in the cool fort under the stairs. Don't judge me for her soother! I couldn't stand taking it away with the broken arm. When do most people take away soothers? I would be interested to know!

Summer so far...good times!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sweet Simplicity Boutique

I'm sure most of you know by now, but I have started a new business called Sweet Simplicity Boutique. I sell modest clothing for women and girls. It is seriously so fun to order clothes and try and decide what everyone will like!
Check out my website
Crystal Lee is selling in Calgary so if there is anyone if that area that would like anything, you can contact her as well (info on wesbite).

I feel so blessed to have the support of friends and family as I take on this big adventure. I especially love my husband for not thinking I'm crazy! THANK YOU!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

A long July!

Yesterday we were getting ready to go out for the day to celebrate Canada Day when our month of July totally changed! Jenna was going down the stairs (like she always does) and she fell down a couple stairs and broke her arm! Jesse was right there and caught her halfway down the stairs. He came upstairs and told me she just fell and her arm looked funny. I looked at it and we really didn't think anything was wrong. She wasn't really crying and it wasn't swollen so we thought she was okay. Then Jesse put her down and she tried to put pressure on it and he said it kind of bent weird and he knew it was broken right away. We rushed into the Royal Alex hospital where my sis-in-law Julie was working! Thank you Julie! She had a bed for us and helped us right away! She said is was one of the only benefits of working in emergency! Luckily it wasn't that busy so we had x-rays done before Jesse could even park the truck! (It is the other arm!)
So she broke both bones in her forearm! So sad...I know I cried way more than she did. She was so tough. She barely cried. All the docs and nurses said that they have never seen a baby so good for a broken arm! She even fell asleep in my arms while we were waiting for the doctor.She got a beauty cast from her knuckles to almost her shoulder. Smallest cast ever! We have a follow up appointment next week at the Stollery! Maybe we'll get a pink cast! Hope this month goes by fast, even though we have to avoid swimming and playing at the park! We'll have to find other fun summer things to do!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Lots going on!

I seriously have been tryin get this post done for 2 weeks and I just can't seem to find the time, so here is a quick one! Jaime, Casey and Brody came up for the weekend awhile ago and we had a great time with them. We went to the lame-o Valley Zoo, but still had a great time!

Jenna love Grandma!

Love this shot of Jesse and Jenna. Jesse never thought he would have a girl and now that she is becoming a little toddler, it is getting even harder to believe. She is a screamer and destroyer! We love her though...she is a daddy's girl for sure!

It was Jesse's birthday a couple weeks ago and we had a weekend long birthday for him. It was fun. He is a wonderful dad and husband...we love him!

Happy Birthday again!
I've been super busy with my new business, Sweet Simplicity Boutique. Lovin' it and grateful for the support I have had from friends and family.