Monday, February 16, 2009

Best weekend ever!

I have to start with this picture because I think to date, this past weekend was the highlight of Cade's 2 year old life. We went down south to Jaime and Casey's for a visit this past weekend. Cade did not want to come home, which is very unlike him. He usually loves his home, but he did not want to leave Hank. I think he would have moved in with the Beazer's if we would have let him. Between playing with the dog, Brody and going to see the cows with Uncle Casey, he was in heaven! I told him we would take a picture of him and Hank and hang it in his that is my goal today, to get a picture printed for him. We had a great weekend hanging out with the Beazer's. We loved visiting Brody...even if he did scowl at us all the time!

Jaime was a good aunty and had a little party for Jenna on Sunday. It was her first birthday on Monday and we spent the day couped up in the car all day...poor little thing! Jaime was kind enough to have a little celebration while we were there. Here is a shot of the butterfly cupcakes!
She always has her tongue out lately, but she really was ready to dive into the cupcake!

This picture doesn't even begin to demonstrate how Jenna inhaled the cupcake. As Jaime said, "She put Cade and Brody to shame!" That's my girl!! Jaime and Brody invited us to go to the Stay'n Play group in Raymond while we were there. Cade was not shy at all and dove right in and played with everything as fast as he could. He loved this fireman outfit and kept trying to get Brody to put the other one on, but he wasn't as into as Cade was.

Jenna hangin' out playing with the fun toys! Jaime was doing a great job of balancing these 2 on their chairs while they got ready for snack.

Cade and Brody into the wet toys!

Just reading together!
We had a great weekend! Thanks Jaime and Casey for the good time! We can't wait until we can visit again.


Jaime said...

It was lots of fun, I am so happy you guys decided to come! I'm glad Hank and Cade got along so well, but a little sad that he like him more than the rest of us!

Krista said...

Happy Birthday Jenna! What a cutie. I can't believe that she is one already. And to think that Harper is almost 7 months old. Boy time flys.