Monday, February 23, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Jenna!

Yesterday we celebrated Jenna's first birthday with most of our family. We shoved everyone in out little house and had a great time. I feel very blessed to have such wonderful support from our families. There are so many people that love our kids so much. They have amazing grandparents, aunts and uncles! Thank you to everyone! We missed Jaime, Casey and Brody (but happy we saw them the weekend before) and we missed Cody, who was really sick! Feel better soon!

Jenna is truly my little princess. She is a blessing in our lives. She is so sweet and happy. She finally started crawling about a week before she turned one! Yay! She is mobile. Most parents would dread this, but we were happy so that she could finally get places and start entertaining herself.

Cade loves Jenna and I can already see that he will watch out for her and protect her. Jenna's birthday meal of mixed vegetables!

The cake. My first attempt at actually decorating a cake. It was fun!

She was a little hesitant to eat the cupcake with everyone watching, but once she started, she thoroughly enjoyed it. She looks a little psycho here!

Opening presents!

She got a lot of help from Cade!


Krista said...

She's so sweet. Love the pigtails!

Jaime said...

The cake looked great! Sad we couldn't be there with everyone, but I'm glad we could be in the action a little via computer.
I love her pigtails, so cute, and SO straight!

Caylee Secretan said...

The cake turned out great, I may need some tips when Tatum's birthday rolls around! Glad everything turned out - where's the group photo of everyone in your house?!

kristi Dupont said...

I can't believe Jenna is one, she is such a cutie! I sure miss you guys!
Great job on the cake Jackie, it looks amazing!

Susie said...

what she is 1 already. That a cute cake great job! So good to have so much family around.

Anonymous said...

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