Monday, August 3, 2009

New addition...

No, this is not our baby! We are happy to welcome baby Eli, Cody and Carley's little boy, into the Flexhaug family. Another cousin for our kids!! Yay! Cade is excited to have another boy and Jenna seriously adores him. I think that is an understatement. She is obsessed with him. It is cute, but probably would be annoying if we saw them more! Eli was born July 23...about 2 weeks early! Lucky Carley! We love him and Cody and Carley will be the best parents! We are sad they have recently moved to Calgary, but happy that Cody is moving on with his career! We went down for the annual Magrath Days. Jesse's grandparents live in Magrath and we usually try and go every year. We stayed with Jaime and Casey (love them!) and we got to spend a little time with everyone.

Jesse's uncles live in the states so we don't see the families very much. These are a couple cousins around our kids ages. They had fun hanging out waiting for the parade. Cade's loot!The good ol' petting zoo. I have to admit that I hate petting zoos. I grew up on a farm, but I think they are kind of nasty, especially because my kids are little and put their hands in their mouths all the time. I do try and wash their hands though...honest! But the kids love the animals and had a great time. The races. Cade warming up!! He didn't really race. He kind of did a light jog. I think he knew he would get the treat no matter how hard he ran.

We even put Jenna in the race with her little splint on her arm. It was cute. She thought it was fun and ran right to me.

I'm pretty sure she was in last place, but that was okay. The slower she went, the more pics I could take.

I couldn't resist adding this picture. Poor little thing has had to wear a plastic bag on her arm almost everyday! We are almost done though. Only a week more with the splint!!

We also made a trip to Calgary Zoo. We met up with Jaime and Brody, Jill and Boston and Jolene and her 3 kids. You probably have seen this pic on Jaime's blog, but I had to post it. Cade was just really wanting to hold Brody's hand. They must have missed each other!

The classic kangaroo pouch picture! They both loved it, as you can tell!

We spent the day in Calgary with our friends the Aneca's. They have such a fun house for little kids. Our boys are 1 week apart and our girls are 3 months apart. Now we just need to have another boy to catch up to them!!

Jenna in the cool fort under the stairs. Don't judge me for her soother! I couldn't stand taking it away with the broken arm. When do most people take away soothers? I would be interested to know!

Summer so far...good times!


Jaime said...

Is that fort under your stairs? Why have I never seen it before?
We already miss you guys! I wish I would have taken some pictures while you were here.
See you next week!

Jackie said...

It's under Jolene's stairs. I didn't clarify.

Caylee Secretan said...

Looks like a fun time! As far as soothers both my boys were just under 2 - people can say what they want but you have to do what works for you. I took them when they went in their big beds. Tatum refused to ever take one.