Friday, December 11, 2009

Well...I tried...

I figured it was probably time to do a post. Can`t really say I have a lot to write about these days. We have been staying home a lot with the snow and cold. I am being wimpy and trying to avoid getting sick! We did go to Santa yesterday. Cade was super excited to go see him until the time came to actually sit on his lap and then he decided he didn`t want to. I pretty much made him and the whole time he looked so horrified! He did tell Santa a few things that he was hoping for. Santa asked him to put out milk and cookies and carrots for the reindeer. It was cute how pumped he was to do that...especially to leave carrots. Jenna was scared and clung to Grandma. She sat beside Santa for the picture. There was no crying this I count the visit as a success!

I tried to take a few cute pictures of them before we went to Santa, but not so successful...maybe next year.
Cade choking Jenna to stay in place.
Jenna getting back at him!Totally posed...but I think he is very handsome!
We are totally looking forward to the holidays and excited to spend lots of time with family!


Jaime said...

Yay, it was about time for a post! I love the pictures, glad to see Cade keeping Jenna in line:) We can't wait to see you guys.

Krista said...

Ha ha! That is so funny. Harper totally freaked out at Santa, crying and screaming. I ended up in the picture just so that I could get a half decent one. Hope your Christmas is good. I guess your computer must of gotten fixed or Santa came a little early this year.

Caylee Secretan said...

So cute! Sam was mad about the Santa we saw at The Festival of Trees - he had black eyebrows!!