Monday, May 10, 2010

Lots of pictures = lots of fun!

Feels like life has picked up a couple notches since we have had Ally. I feel a lot busier, but luckily I have been blessed with a REALLY good baby. No complaints. Everyone can be jealous that at 2 months old I only have to get up once, maybe twice a night with my little sweetie. I think we are all adjusted to the new addition to our family. Cade loves her to pieces and they are adjusting to being roomies. He is such a good big brother. I think Jenna on the other hand will always struggle with Ally getting attention and she doesn't get as much. Today she hit her on the head with a hockey stick. It was so sad and I felt pretty bad. I can't turn my back at all on her. She is always in Ally's face, whether it is trying to undress her, change her diaper or even try and pick her up. It's a love-hate thing I think. Hopefully it gets better as time goes on.

Here's a couple park shots when we actually had a few nice days a few weeks ago.
She just won't smile normally anymore. I will have to deal with the squinty eyes for awhile. It's cute right?
Serious about attempting to build a sand castle.

I think this was after one of those days where we were on the go all day. She has decided not to take naps anymore since we've had Ally. She is wasted by supper time, but at least it means an early bedtime and sleeping all night finally.

Ally is a very alert baby. She's been giving us BIG smiles for awhile now. Alot earlier than I remember with the other two. I still haven't really been able to capture a good one yet though. Here is a half smile!

Cade started soccer last week. It was seriously the coldest night ever and I can't believe they didn't even cancel 4 year old soccer. All the kids hands were freezing and the noses were running like crazy. The next day he insisted on wearing his full jersey all day soI let him. I figure you pay all that money, might as well get good use out of it. He had soccer tonight again and I was super mom and forgot to put the SD card back in the camera. More soccer pics to come. It is so hilarious to watch them. Go Green Gators Go!

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all the wonderful mom's in my life! We had a great brunch at our house on Sunday morning before church. Jesse made some amazing crepes!
I'm sure like everyone, Mother's Day is a great time of reflection and to realize the blessings we have in our lives. I feel very fortunate to have so many wonderful examples of motherhood in my life. Firstly, my own mother. She is a wondeful example of faith and trusting in the Lord. She is always there for me and my family. She would do anything for us and I so appreciate her giving heart. She loves all of her grandchildren so much and they love her (as you can see).
It is so fun to be raising children at the same time as my sister, Jaime. Our kids couldn't be more different, but it great to bounce ideas off each other or just to vent about being pooped, peed and puked on! I really appreciate how she is relaxed and patient with her kids. She lives in the moment with raising her boys and I have learned a lot from her as a mother. I love our daily phone calls as much as Casey might get annoyed at how much I call her! Wish she was closer, but so happy that they have such a great life in Raymond!

Next my mother-in-law Carolyn. She probably won't read this, but I hope she knows how much I appreciate her. She is such a hard worker. She loves her family so much and she loves to spend time with everyone. She has taught me to value the relationships that we have with our family members. She is so giving of herself and her time, even though she always has so much on the go. She has also introduced me to some really great recipes!! I know she has a great love for the gospel and has instilled it in all of her boys. SO grateful for that. Next is my Grandma. Isn't she so cute?!! She is always happy and positive no matter what the situation. She has always been a great example to our family. She is a hard worker and can never sit down! She beats us to the sink every time there are dishes to be done. Every special event in our family, she has been there. She supports us no matter what it is. My kids are so lucky to know there great grandma!
There are so many others who I look up to as mothers and have taught me a lot. Many other family members and friends help shape me as the mother I am and hope to be. THANK YOU!
We had Ally's baby blessing last weekend and it was so great. We had all of our family together and I mean all. We had all 3 set of great grandparents, all grandparents and all the aunts and uncles. We felt so supported and loved! Thanks to the Beazer's, Ririe's and Flexhaug's for coming from Southern AB. Thanks Dad for coming from Hardisty and Cody & Carley from Calgary! We didn't think it was going to happen with the crazy weather they have been having. So glad they could all come though. Lots of family pictures taken.

I love my little family!

3 great grandpa's and 2 grandpa's!

3 great grandma's and 2 grandma's.
My crazy girl! My handsome boy!

Flexhaug family!

Phewf...I am done! Sorry for the long post! Maybe I won't leave it so long next time!


Jaime said...

What a great post. I am so happy we were able to come up for the baby blessing. You are a fantastic mom and love that I can call on your experience whenever I have questions. Love you guys!

Krista said...

I second that! What a great post, it's so nice that you have a great support system around you. That can make all the difference and that each and every "mother" has something to teach you. Hope your mother's day was great but I'm sure that it was.

Caylee said...

That WAS a great post! I love Jennas's squinty eyes ;) I love the picture of Jenna sleepin in the high chair, tiny girl. All my kids stopped napping when the next baby came - grrr.