Sunday, December 5, 2010

Hanging out at home can be pretty fun!!

I never get bored at home. I always seem like there is so much to do! We have been doing more staying home and less running around these days. It is great! These kids are so good at entertaining themselves or playing together...most of the time.

All of a sudden Ally is pulling herself up on everything and getting into so much more! This is how she likes to spend her time these days! Empty the drawers and then putting everything back in. She is growing so fast!

This is classic Jenna! She can be such a stinker, but it so darn cute!

This is how Cade came upstairs the other day. A weapon in each hand, bat wings and a paper hockey helmet! I always feel safe with him around!!


Jaime said...

Haha, classic Jenna! Can't wait to see everyone in a few weeks.

Krista said...

Those are some cute pictures. At least Ally puts the stuff back, Harper takes it out and leaves it. Ha ha to Cade's picture, I thought that was underwear on his head!