Friday, May 27, 2011

Yes, I am posting!

Well it has been way too long! I can't say I'm totally commiting myself to be a better blogger, but I'd like to think I will try! Last post was Jenna's bday, so since then we have had Ally's and my birthday's and Cade's is Monday so I thought I was definately overdue!

We had a fun Easter morning with a little candy/egg hunt from the Easter bunny and some goodies at the end of the trail.

Still a little sleepy!
Crazy morning hair!!

Following the trail.

We decided to put our house up for sale about a month and half ago and it is still for sale. We have had showings and that is a good thing, but I really want to start looking for a new house! We want to upgrade and stay in Spruce cause we really do love it here. I am trying to be paitient, but it really isn't a strong point of mine. So if you know anyone looking for a great starter home send them our way!!

Ally turned one! She is such a great little girl! She really does fill our house with fun and laughter.

Here are just a few thing she is ding at one (well 14.5 months now):

-cruising/running, climbing and getting into everything of course
-she can say quite a few words now but my fav's are still momma & daddy!

-she tries to repeat everything you tell her to, some sounds come out right and others not so much!

-eats pretty much everything...lucky me!

-sleeps great...lucky all of us!

-has curly, dark fro like hair.

-gives great cuddles and kisses

-she has an awesome new laugh that I just can't get enough of!

I turned 30 in March too! Wahoo! I love it. I can't say I really notice a difference besides the fact that I feel fabulous and I'm loving life. I took Ally and Jenna in the bike trailer this morning for a 2 hour bike ride and went and visited some family and it was awesome. Great weather and great munchkins to keep me company. Life is good! (I didn't forget Cade, he was just playing at his friend's).

Cade is in baseball right now and it is hilarious to watch. I still have to bring my camera and get some pics of it. He really loves it, especially the batting!


Jaime said...

I love that you post just for me:)
Ally's hair looks crazy in the first picture.
Wish we could see you guys in person!