Friday, September 30, 2011

New phase of life for us!

I'm tired of opening my blog to check other people's blogs and everytime feeling guilty that my last post was 4 months ago! Not saying that i'm starting anything new, but here a few quick pics.

Cade's first day of school went fairly well. I cried, he didn't. The teacher was consoling me and I felt so dumb!! Haha. Starting the school phase has been an adjustment and I am glad we get to ease into it with only 2x a week right now. Every morning he says he doesn't want to go, but when I pick him up he has had a blast.

I was the helping mom last week one day and it was so fun. It was great to chat with his teacher and to see him interact with all the little friends he has been talking about. So glad he is a nice boy! We sure do love him and miss him when he's at school though!
Lastest family picture. Probably one of the last ones with the five of us cause in 6 months we will be adding another one to the family!! So excited and we'll see if we can help Cade out and even out the numbers with another boy :) Sure do love my family!!