Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Welcome Jace!!!

On April 26/12 we welcomed Jace Jensen Flexhaug into our family. 

 We were so excited he finally arrived healthy and happy!  He was 9 lbs 6 oz, 21 inches and was born at 2:32pm.  We went into the hospital Thursday morning expecting that would be induced (8 days overdue as per usual with the other 3) and sent home and then wait it out to see if the induction would work.  This was the process for the other 3 kids so we were thinking it would be the same.  After they placed the cervidil in, Jesse and I were planning to go to the mall, do some shopping, go out for lunch and hope that the induction would work.  About an hour after the cervidil was placed, I was hooked up to the fetal monitors and the nurses were having a hard time keeping his heart rate in the same position.  They called the obstetrician on call to come in with an ultrasound machine to see what position the baby was in so they could accurately get a consistent heart rate.  So the doctor came in and we discovered that he was in breech position.  Throughout my pregnancy, he would go from breech position to transverse to head down, but the last 2 ultrasounds confirmed he was head down so we didn't think it was an issue. 

Once they found out he was breech we had a few choices to make as to whether or not I would deliver him vaginally breech or have a c-section.  They sent me for an ultrasound and in the mean time, he had turned to transverse (sideways) and he was measuring over 5000g by ultrasound so we didn't have a choice and I had to have a c-section.  So they prepped me and 45 minuites later he was born by c-section.  Definately unexpected and not at all what we were planning, but he was healthy and I was fine.  We are so happy he is here and we all love him so much!!

 Love my little family!
Cousin Austen came for a visit.  They are exactly 5 months apart! 

 Very proud big brother taking his role very seriously!
 Jenna is in love!
 Ally kind of likes him!!
 Grandma and Great Grandma brought the kids to the hospital to meet there new brother.
Going home after 3 long days at the hospital!! 


Anonymous said...

Good job mom!! Love Gramma R

Jaime said...

All the pictures are so cute, makes me feel homesick! Wish I was there to meet him.